13 Things I Didn’t Put on Facebook

Do you remember a few months ago when there was a viral Facebook game where you had to disclose a certain number of little known facts about yourself? I never had the chance to play it Facebook, but I had things I wanted to share. And I have chosen to share them here.

1. I don’t watch the television show Scandal.

2. I believe that every resident of Dallas county over the age of 18 has attended at least one campus within the Dallas County Community College District.

3. I have two passions in my life: writing and college life.

4. I am a gadget freak. If it has a on/off switch and is shiny, I start trembling.

5. I am most attracted to men who resemble trees. Tall, broad, and with big arms. Unbeknownst to them, I describe the men I meet to my friends and family as a “tree” or “not a tree.”

6. I am afraid of most birds. Especially chickens.

7. I love football and basketball. No other sports really interest me.

8. I have been diagnosed with arthritis. I take prescription medicine for it. When it flares up, I can’t help but think “It all goes downhill after 40.”

9.  There is no pizza in the world like Chicago pizza. I could eat it everyday.

10. I feel really smart when I go to AutoZone and know what I’m looking for.

11. I just started wearing makeup daily. It’s that 40 plus thing.

12. I treasure the weekends we can stay home and do nothing.

13. No matter h0w old they are, I’m glad my kids still want hugs and to snuggle at night.

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