Real Life Lessons From a Social Media Shutdown

I love social media.

With all of my heart.

Recently, I found out that sometimes it doesn’t love me.

It was devastating.

It was worse than the worst heartbreak of my teen years.

In all of my extra and in all of my glory, I never dreamed this could happen to me.

Social media is the foundation of my career, after all.

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The Things Teenagers Want Their Christian Mamas to Know

Y’all, I did the unthinkable for a mom of teenagers.

I asked their opinion on something.

I told them to be honest.

I even double-checked to see if they had any additions to the list.

And they replied, “Can we ask our cousins their opinion, too?”

In the words of my teenagers (and their cousins), I am shook.

I asked them what are the things they wished their mamas and their daddies knew about them in this season of their lives.

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Why I Write

For people who don’t like to write, this is going to sound a little weird. You see friends, writing is my love language. I know that writing is not one of the original five love languages as penned in Gary Chapman’s bestseller, however, it is definitely mine. 

I try not to say anything off the top of my head. My words are often crafted strategically to ensure that they evoke the proper emotion from the reader. If I’m asked to pray in front of a large group or give remarks at an event, I’ve probably written the words before and rehearsed them in such a way that anyone who hears me thinks I’m speaking off the cuff.

Even the prayers and the poems, Toni?

Especially the prayers and the poems.

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